Riding high on previous successes in the government arena, Gruden has won a competitive tender for a New South Wales government project. Hand-picked by the New South Wales Small Business Commissioner (OSBC), Gruden will deliver an integrated digital solution that will allow the OSBC to interact more effectively with small businesses (approximately 700,000 of them).

“Our technical expertise and capabilities have been proven time and time again and this is yet another example of where we excel in this space,” said Gruden Chief Executive Tim Parker in a recent interview with Finfeed.

In the article, Finfeed explained that this contract win confirms client satisfaction – specifically, the Australian government – and will ensure immediate revenue, as the excerpt below reads:

This development is positive from a number of perspectives in that the $2.93 million contract will immediately generate revenue in fiscal 2017, and out to 2019 with the prospect of a further two 12-month extensions beyond 2019.

However, as the New South Wales government is already one of GGL’s clients it also serves as an endorsement of the company’s effectiveness in assisting enterprises including government instrumentalities to operate efficiently in a digital environment.

Looking at Gruden’s overall business, the article pointed out that in 2016 the Gruden government division accounted for 30% of revenue, while Performance Marketing yielded the largest income with 36%. Thus, a contract such as this will undoubtedly open a window of opportunity for Gruden in regards to future government business and services.

“The agreement also provides the opportunity for Gruden to work closely with OSBC in scaling the solution to suit other government and commercial requirements,” said Tim.

View the full article on Finfeed here.

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