The general consensus is that securing a government contract is a pipe dream for start-ups and small businesses. However, Gruden’s Managing Director of Government Practice, Andrew Vidler, dispelled this myth in a recent interview with The Canberra Times.

“There is a misunderstanding that small business is not welcome, but more than 60 percent of contracts across government are already awarded to small or medium enterprises,” said Andrew.

Andrew explained: “I’m seeing pockets emerge across the spectrum of a more mature and less bureaucratic approach to tendering while some other agencies have still got some work to do.”

In the article, emerging firms such as URGE and Shootsta, expressed their frustration with bureaucrats who were unwilling to explore and experiment with digital technology, as the excerpt below explains:

Risk-averse and technology-backwards bureaucrats are hampering the push for agile and innovative Australian government, high-tech start-up firms say.

Emerging firms say government contracts remain sown up by multinational “dinosaurs” like IBM, SAP and Accenture, despite high-profile stuff-ups, because they are masters of the federal government’s painfully bureaucratic tender process.

Using Centrelink as an example, the article points out that the government has communicated that they wish to find new ways to reach out to customers. However, when it comes down to making these ideas a reality, government departments are apprehensive to go public with anything that isn’t perfect. Perhaps the Commonwealth is just unaware that in the technology world, sometimes hiring the ‘little guy’ will get you better results?

Despite the government’s uncertainty when it comes to digital experimentation, Andrew explains that emerging businesses should not be disheartened, as there is still hope for them to crack the government. His advice is to “partner, either with an existing agency, an existing vendor or with other start-ups.”

View the full article on the Canberra Times here.

Gruden is always eager to embark on new business ventures. If you’re a start-up with an innovative product or service that could improve the way Australian Government operates, and are looking to secure a government contract, but need a partner, Gruden can help. Start the conversation and contact us today.