With a listing on the ASX and the merging of the three companies to form the Gruden Group, this year has been one of major growth for Gruden. As well as announcing a new CEO, Tim Parker, Gruden had the pleasure of welcoming John Butterworth as the Head of Digital Services in August this year.

“My current role is to ensure Gruden is structured and operating in a way that optimises all the benefits of the changes” says John. “Ultimately, I’ll be responsible for managing the implementation of new product and digital strategies to build market share and profitability.”

Throughout his career John has appeared frequently in the Australian media as a digital industry advocate, ambassador and key spokesperson. He was named in B&T Magazine’s among the ‘Top 40 Biggest Players of Australia’s Digital Age’ list and co-founded a specialist strategy consulting firm that delivered digital transformation and innovation services to the corporate sector.


John Butterworth

With over 20 years of strategic and operational leadership experience under his belt, John Butterworth is bringing a wealth of knowledge to Gruden that will benefit a range of key areas – particularly digital services.

John says: “I’m very experienced in management specifically in companies with a strong technical emphasis. I also built and grew AIMIA, Australia’s largest digital trade body, for quite a period of time, and part of my role was to look at and forecast the future market environment for companies like Gruden.”

John explains that the digital market is changing and as such, digital services will be a key focus for Gruden in the future.

“Gruden is aiming to be the trusted advisor for clients on all things digital,” he says. “The market for digital services is evolving quickly and Gruden is clearly seeking to take the lead in this space.”

John says: “A large part of what I’m doing to help Gruden achieve this is around managing people, processes and strategy in a way that reflects the new reality of being a digital services company.”

Tim excitedly commented on John’s commencement: “Gruden will only succeed if we continue to attract an unfair share of the best talent. To that end, we need leaders who will inspire that talent with experience-based direction and coaching. John could not be better qualified for this role. He’s a rare beast in terms of his deep digital experience, his calm demeanour and his generally being a bloody good bloke. We’re lucky to have him on board.”

Gruden is always on the lookout for the best talent to join our team, so for more information about current job vacancies, please visit our careers page.