Gruden’s mobileDEN partners with PayPal

We are thrilled to announce that we have entered a strategic partnership with PayPal that will transform the Quick Service Restaurant experience for Australian customers.

Only days ago, we celebrated a strong 22% revenue surge for the March Quarter, which has allowed us to continue to invest in the growth of our innovative mobileDEN platform.

PayPal represents 6.7 million customers Australia-wide, so the integration of PayPal into our mobileDEN platform will allow customers to order and process payments at Quick Service Restaurants at the touch of a button.

It will also enhance the customer experience by providing a seamless reporting tool from a single source that enables brands to easily consolidate the transactions processed by stores and payment method (cash, credit card, loyalty points or PayPal) to give more oversight.

The payment capabilities of PayPal are in addition to mobileDEN’s existing Master Merchant agreement with Westpac that enable the platform to expedite the onboarding of brand customers. This makes it possible for mobileDEN to process payments on behalf of individual franchisee – thus, reducing liability for customers.

From a customer perspective, end users who makes a purchase at a franchise store using the mobileDEN app will see the actual brand purchased on their statement, as opposed to the name of the individual store. Therefore, the process improves the customer experience.

Our portfolio of mobileDEN clients include the likes of Starbucks, Mad Mex and Red Rooster – so the partnership with PayPal is further validation of our ability to pair with leading brands.

Gruden CEO Tim Parker discussed the success of using the mobileDEN app to expand the Red Rooster brand into the home delivery market.

“Our recent partnership with Red Rooster has been a huge success and our platform is powering their home delivery service and loyalty apps, playing a significant role in the transformation of the Red Rooster business,” explained Tim.

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For further information, please contact:

Andrew Ramadage
Account Director
Media and Capital Partners
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Tim Parker
CEO, The Gruden Group
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