mobileDEN Unveil Connect Loyalty App

Gruden is excited to announce that our mobileDEN team has released our ‘Connect’ point of sale and loyalty App, which will help businesses to drive greater value from rewarding loyal customers.

‘Connect’ will be rolled out to over 50 Max Mex stores across Australia as part of a twelve-month agreement. The integration of ‘Connect’ into Mad Mex’s internal operating systems will enable the quick service restaurant to forge a stronger brand connection with customers through a fully digital customer loyalty program.

The ‘Connect’ App is a culmination of research undertaken and lessons learned over the past 5 years and by the mobileDEN team, who have worked tirelessly to identify the key drivers that assist brands to increase revenue through improved customer experience.

mobileDEN recognise that it is common for 60-70% of revenue for businesses like Mad Mex to come from as few as 30% of customers, so the ‘Connect’ App is designed to achieve sought-after goals, such as increased visit frequency, spend per visit, and return on investment.

“If 70% of your revenue comes from customers who visit you two times per month, and you can increase that to three times per month through better customer engagement, more targeted offers and a beyond-the-counter digital experience that’s valued by customers, then you’ve just increased 70% of your revenue by 50%,” explains General Manager of mobileDEN Gavin Gorazdowski.

‘Connect’ was born out mobileDEN’s deep understanding of the needs of both businesses and customers, alike. It offers a seamless and effective platform for businesses to build better relationships with customers by providing a complete oversight across all franchises for brands like Mad Mex.

With a portfolio of clients including Starbucks and Red Rooster, mobileDEN has been at the forefront of the digital transformation of the quick service restaurant industry. Our loyalty and home delivery Apps have played a huge role in the transformation of businesses like Red Rooster, and we expect the same results for Mad Mex.

“Signing up long-term customer Mad Mex as a mobileDEN ‘Connect’ customer is a brilliant vindication of the hard work and investment the Gruden team has made into delivering better ways for businesses to use digital channels to show gratitude towards their customers,” says CEO of The Gruden Group, Tim Parker.

Tim says: “Our mobileDEN platform is already supporting the success stories of Starbucks and Red Rooster – particularly in home delivery. Our new mobileDEN ‘Connect’ product has been born out of our deep understanding of what multi-location businesses want from a loyalty product.”

The ‘Connect’ App is immediately available for Mad Mex customers, who can then choose to further use all the features from the mobileDEN platform at a later stage. The digital platform is ideal for businesses who want to take the next step in gaining a deeper understanding of their customers and drive more value and loyalty from them.

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For further information, please contact:

Andrew Ramadage
Account Director
Media and Capital Partners
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Tim Parker
CEO, The Gruden Group
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