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mobileDEN. creates empowered connections between your brand and your customers by offering a Retail Platform that extends the reach of the point of sale (POS) and makes your business mobile ready. Choose how you connect, interact, reward and engage via a suite of comprehensive modules, tailored for your business.

Whether it’s providing your customers with the tools to transact in the digital mobile world, or to engage them through innovative loyalty gamification techniques and drive them back in store. The integrated MobileDEN platform provides retailers a constant connection to customers, helping to drive repeat business and offering a new way to market.

Core Modules

  • Digital Loyalty
  • Mobile & Web Ordering
  • Digital Wallet
  • Offers
  • Point / Purchase History
  • Store Locator
  • What’s New
  • POS Integration
  • Social

Engagement Modules

  • Loyalty Gaming
  • Target Advertising
  • Augmented Reality Marketing
Digital Wallet


Mobile wallets that accept payments and allow your customers to pay and preload a value onto a digital charge & gift card.



Complement or replace your existing physical loyalty card solution and go mobile.

POS Integration


Integration with industry leading POS systems is already in place. More coming soon.


MobileDEN enables mobile marketplaces and consumer interaction by offering a suite of pre-built modules for brands to leverage via custom built or White-Label Apps.

This means faster to market, cheaper to implement and richer functionality to engage with your customers. Providing the tools for your customers to transact is one thing, but what about the times when they’re idle and not thinking about you? Engagement Modules keep you top of mind and provide a fun, new way to engage with your loyal customers in those ‘Off Peak’ times.


case studies


Starbucks changed the game with their mobile payment app in the USA. mobileDEN is their technology partner in ANZ driving their mobile interactions. They needed an industry-leading digital loyalty & payments platform which would enable any customer to pay faster than saying “A tall skim, vanilla, latte please” – through their mobile device. The award-winning app also enables users to pay, store value, manage their balance and reload, as well as providing directions to the nearest store, plus loads more.

Red Rooster

Our award-winning Mobile Den team has created the Red Royalty app, bringing mobile loyalty and rewards to Red Rooster and its 350 stores across the country. Within the app users can earn and see ‘Red Royalty Dollars’ on all purchases, be part of their generous rewards program and reap the benefits for being a member. You can quickly find a local store and access the complete in-restaurant menu, and more!

Jamie’s Italian

The Jamie’s Italian app enables users to skip the queue and book their table on their mobile, hear about special events first and book tickets directly through the app, as well as showing off Jamie’s delicious menu, restaurant locations, social channels. On top of all that it also features an engaging game to keep the kids busy. What more do you want in an app?

Donut King

We were asked to design & develop a mobile experience to promote and support a product launch for Donut King in Australia – They are called ‘Amazeballs‘ and are the extract, that helps make donuts unique. We created an engaging yet simple game, innovative & fun to play. Making use of Augmented Reality to bring it alive whilst creating a rich 3D gaming experience. The award-winning app was delivered within 6 weeks, won its category, as well as the “best of the best for iOS”. Nice.